Electricity is a natural source and is used to power many electronics. Electricity is dangerous to humans. Humans can be hurt if they get shocked by electricity. Electricity is used to power thousands of things that people use everyday, including this monitor you are looking at right now.

There is a different type of electricity called static. Static does not power electronics. It only gives a static shock. When you walk across your carpet, your body picks up things called nano-particles(particles for short). When you pick up enough particles, they form static eletricity. When you have enough particles, you will get an instant static shock when you touch any type of metal.

When electricity and static are combined, lightning is formed. Lightning strikes down from the sky and has over 1000 volts of electricity, which is enough to badly hurt a person, or maybe even kill a person. Lightning strikes over 1000 times every second on Earth.

Lightning and electricity's main color is light blue, but sometimes they come in yellow colors.


Animals can be extremely hurt if they are shocked by electricity. Other animals, like electric eels, are not as much hurt by electricity. They give electricity instead of taking it. Electric eels give off a maximum of 400 volts of electricity. That is enough to badly shock a human!

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